Face Masks - pack of 3

It seems like Covid-19 is here for a while, and already we are exhausted by the upheaval and constantly changing rules.  Nothing seems normal any more and mask wearing is becoming more and more necessary.  The best we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones (especially the elderly and vulnerable) is to practice mask wearing with great gusto!

Its not easy I know....   having to wear a mask every time you leave the house.  It's almost impossible to talk through them, often they are wet and gross in no time.... and for those of us in the "glasses wearing age bracket" .... they make your glasses fog up.

I cannot promise our masks won't do all of the above, and no mask can offer full 100% protection against the virus.... but ours are soft breathable pure cotton, they are CUTE, and maybe they will brighten up your day just a tiny bit!

All our face masks are PURE COTTON, so the fabrics breath.... which means you can breath through the fabrics. They are washable, reusable, soft, and comfortable.  These masks are cut to shape around your face for a comfortable and more protective fit.

Sold in a pack of 3 assorted prints for $25. Inside each pack is 2 masks made in our cotton KNIT dress fabric and 1 mask in the pack are made in our lightweight TUNIC cotton fabric.  ****NEW**** this new delivery of masks has the wire nose piece, which means that the mask can be shaped to your nose, hopefully minimizing glasses fog.  Each pack contains an assortment of gorgeous island prints and colors.  

Each mask is double layer fabric, plus the filter layer in between.  These are in no way approved full protection masks, but they are comfortable, breathable, CUTE and offer some protection.