4th of July Beach Bash: 11 fun ideas for putting some island flair on your Independence Day celebration

4th of July Beach Bash: 11 fun ideas for putting some island flair on your Independence Day celebration

 The summer is here, the air in the neighborhood smells like barbecues and the sound of an ice cream truck tunes every afternoon. The freezer is stocked full of icy poles (oh, wait I mean POPSICLES), everyone has a dewy glow to their skin, and the stores are filled to the brim with red, white, and blue… It can only mean one thing, 4th of July is almost here!
Happy 4th July
Are you ready for another fun-filled Independence Day? As I’m sure you are aware, we don’t celebrate 4th of July in Australia, and since we are a part of the Commonwealth, we don’t really have an Independence Day either. The Commonwealth (formerly the British Commonwealth of Nations) is a group of countries who have chosen to maintain ties to the British monarch and acknowledge the monarch as the symbolic head of their nation… Basically, all hail King Charles! But since I’m a well-traveled little Aussie and have so many American friends (and family), I just love to see all of your festivities and decorations and all the ways you celebrate your patriotism. From street parades to backyard barbecues, you Americans sure do know how to put on a party!
4th of July Parade Beach
Now, if you are here the chances are that you are an island girl (just like me) and island-style is your kinda thing. But how can you possibly put a beach-spin on a 4th of July party? You’ve come to the right place, friend! If there’s anything that I’m really good at, it’s finding a way to put a starfish here and a palm leaf there, and turning just about any themed event into a beach party! So, in this article, I’ll be giving you all sorts of fun ideas to make your 4th of July festivities not only memorable but uniquely island-style… Uniquely YOU!
Let’s party! 


When it comes to planning any celebration, the best place to start is with the decorations. While 4th of July usually comes with it’s own decorative motif (stars & stripes), don’t be restricted to just streamers and sparklers. Here are some of my favorite island-style decorations that will help you express patriotic spirit your way:

1. Starfish Sarongs

While I love a crisp white tablecloth, my Starfish Sarong in Navy makes a perfect table runner for 4th of July. Fold lengthways into 3rds and lay flat down the center of the table or drape around other decorations in the middle to create an ocean feel. The white starfish pop perfectly against the Navy blue, which is also so fitting for the day.
Starfish Sarong Navy

2. Starfish

As an island girl like me, I think there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve got some decorative starfish scattered around the house. These will make perfect accessories to your 4th of July table. Place them against candles or serving plates.
Starfish Decoration

3. Colored Sand

Red, white and blue colored sand can be layered in glass mason jars as candle holders or mini flag stands. All three colors of sand can be found on Amazon for a great price, and using any old mosh-mash of glass jars from your cupboard will work perfectly.
Colored Sand Candle Holder

4. Nautical Decor

Another way to incorporate your love of the sea into your 4th of July decorations, is to use nautical decor like anchors, lighthouses, seaglass and fishing net amongst your red, white and blue. This is sure to give your setup the perfect touch of festive, ocean flair!
Nautical 4th July Decor

5. Stars and… Sparkles?

Let’s really get into the spirit of 4th of July holiday with lots of glitz and sparkles. Think fireworks for your table! Think sparkly silver helium balloons that make your party pop, metallic streamers or glitter. If you choose to decorate with any single use plastic items (including confetti), I urge you to choose biodegradable options so we can keep our oceans clean.
4th of July Sparklers

6. Tropical Fruit Bowls

The grocery stores are already filling up with tropical fruits like watermelons, honeydews, cantaloupes, pineapple, and paw paw! To give your 4th of July party a special island touch, why not make a tropical fruit display?! I just love how creative people get with fruit bowls, check out these display ideas I found on Pinterest…
4th of July Fruit Bowl
4th of July Fruit
4th of July Fruit

7. Kids Table

Have you got grandkids or littles of family friends coming to your 4th of July party? Keep them busy by creating a kids art table with 4th of July decorations ~ get a cheap roll of Kraft paper and provide them with lots of red, white and blue decorations like crayons, washable markers, glue and glitter. Perhaps check with their parents before providing washable paints, incase they are not supposed to get tooo messy! Haha
Baby 4th of July
(This is my nephew Jack on his first 4th of July back in 2019!)

8. Having a Pool Party?

If you’re celebrating 4th of July poolside this summer, it’s an even greater opportunity to really show off your island flair!! Tropical-style inflatable pool toys are a winner, lots of twinkle lights and don’t forget some tropical umbrellas for your drinks! I also love the idea of freezing red, white and blue water balloons and placing them in buckets to keep your drinks cold. So festive, colorful and creative! Bonus points if you can find beachy balloons ;)
4th of July Pool Party

9. An Island Spin on Traditional Grilling

Be sure to add some delicious seafood to your menu this 4th of July, to really embrace your beachy vibe… Shrimp skewers (resisting the urge to say “chuck another shrimp on the barbie”), Surf ’n Turf Foil Packs, Jerk Shrimp & Pineapple Bowls, and if you’re feeling extra fancy some grilled Lobster Tails are sure to WOW your 4th of July party guests! Check out this article from Delish for recipes: 40 Grilled Fish Recipes That'll Turn You Into A True Grill Master
Jerk Shrimp and Pineapple Bowl

10. Do you like Piña Coladas?

… Because getting caught in the rain is certainly not on our list of fun things for 4th of July!! Now that you’ve got the food covered, let’s chat easy, breezy island beverages that will not only add a sumthin’ to your tropical decor but also add a little extra pep to the conversation 😉 Whether you’re drinking cocktails or mocktails this 4th of July, I have a great idea for pleasing a crowd without making extra work for you on the day…
Skip the make-on-the-fly cocktails or fancy layered drinks and instead opt for a pre-made punch-style drink that everyone will love! Make up a pitcher of fresh Watermelon juice and leave the white rum or vodka to the side. That those who are planning to get red, white and boozy this 4th of July, can add their own and you can sit back and enjoy the party instead of playing bartender all afternoon/evening!
Watermelon Juice

11. Dress Your Island Best, This 4th of July

What could be more fun than getting all dressed up in your favorite West Indies Wear red, white and blues?! Have a closet full of vintage WIW? Here’s some great options from past collections, which will not only keep you cool and comfortable on a hot and steamy July afternoon but also match your island-chic independence day decor...
Take the hint from Jennifer and wear your navy Seastar tunic. The color is a perfect fit for Independence Day and the gorgeous starfish print is so fun! (note that this tunic is no longer available on the USA website, there are a few available on the Australian website... Click the photo to view)
Sea Star Tunic
If you have been a West Indies Wear Island Girl for a while, chances are you've got one of these vintage pieces still hanging in your closet. Now is the time to bring her out and give her a freshen up, because this tunic is always the life of any red, white and {navy} party!    
Navy Starfish Tunic
Are you new here, or perhaps just looking for something new? My 2023 Tobago Cotton Tunic Dress in Navy or Fuscia is the perfect fresh look for you, this 4th of July... This dress has a relaxed tunic style fit, flattering V-neckline, and length to just above your knees. The fabric is lightweight cotton so it does not cling to your skin, and it breaths so your sweat can easily evaporate from your skin, keeping you cooler for longer and less of a sweaty mess! You can relax this 4th of July, knowing you have chosen style, comfort and fabrics made to keep you cool and comfortable all day long!
Tobago Tunic Dress
   I hope you found these ideas fun and creative and that it has given you the inspiration to start planning your 4th of July celebrations now... It's just around the corner, island girl! Before we know it, the day will be upon us and if you start getting some bits and pieces in order (ducks in a row 🦆) now, you'll be able to relax and enjoy the day... On Island Time!
One Love,
Kim Van Loo


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