Cotton Island Beach Bags

If you are planning on going on a cruise to the islands, or a vacation to paradise, then you will need a perfectly sized beach bag to take with you.

Our stylish cotton beach bags with luxurious leather handles, are the ultimate accessory for your seaside adventures. Crafted for both fashion and function, our spacious beach bags offer durability and coastal style in one neat package. Made with high-quality cotton canvas, and strong leather handles, these bags effortlessly blend sophistication with beachside vibes. Perfect for carrying towels, sunscreen, sarongs, hat, book to read and more, our versatile bags ensure convenience without compromising on "island girl elegance". Explore our collection of beach bags designed to complement your summer style. Elevate your beach day essentials and make a statement with our premium cotton bag - a must-have for every sun-seeker."

Why West Indies Beach Bags?

The best part about our beach bags is that they are made out of 100% cotton, but not any old cotton, it is lightweight but still STRONG pure cotton. Our bags also have strong leather handles to ensure they are strong enough for your beach necessities.

Did you know that cotton actually gets stronger when it is wet, whereas a lot of beach bags are made out of synthetic fabrics, that actually get weaker when it wet.

We have carefully researched this bag size (yes a lot of beach hours both with and without kids) to ensure it is the perfect fit for all of your beach essentials. We have also added a cute zip coin purse to the side handle, which is very handy for keeping your small things, like car keys, credit cards, room key accessible, easy to find and safe from the sand.

Make sure you go on your vacation with accessories fit for an island queen who has been off-island for far too long.

One Love x