Our cotton dresses allow you to look stylish and keep comfy every day, even on the hottest days of summer. Most of our dresses have pockets and they don't need ironing!

If you are wondering what styles are best for a tropical island holiday, we recommend beach vacation dresses in pure cottons. Did you know that cotton is a totally natural fabric? It grows on a bush, they pick the boll of cotton, comb out the seeds & twigs, spin it into a yarn and knit or weave into fabric.... just like they have been doing for thousands of years. (Egyptian mummies were wrapped in pure cotton too)

You can't get much more natural than that. Since cotton is so natural, it means that it breathes, lets the heat escape from your skin, your sweat can evaporate and these fabrics are SO much cooler to wear. When you buy mushrooms from the supermarket you put them in a paper bag so that they can breathe, they don't become so sweaty and they last longer. Have you ever noticed how sticky they get when stored in plastic? That's the same as you in a polyester dress in the tropical heat.

So if you are planning your upcoming holiday to an island of your dreams, or a cruise through the islands, be sure to choose clothes that are loose fitting and lightweight natural fabrics. Avoid synthetics like rayon, nylon and polyester, as they are not as cool as you think. Be sure to check the label before you purchase! Learn from the mistakes I made in my early years living in the Caribbean.

Relax and enjoy your holiday island girls x