First photo shoot in Grenada

First photo shoot in Grenada

When I first started WIW, we were in Grenada on our boat.  We got the samples from the factory in India, and we were scouting around in the dinghy looking for places to take photos.

I spotted this colorful Caribbean cottage, and got a "bee in my bonnet" about taking photos of my sarongs on the wash line.  I asked around the local village for permission, and was told "sure..... no problem Mon, but just beware the goat"

Goat ???? 

So Justin took me there on the dinghy, but we couldn't really land the dinghy anywhere, as it was very rocky and reefy in front.  I had my reef shoes on, so I got out of the dinghy in knee deep water, and Justin backed out in the dinghy.  He hovered nearby while I stumbled ashore with the sarongs, and camera.

I was on my own, and a little scared.

I couldn't see a goat anywhere, and no one answered my calls "Hello, hello, anyone home" so I walked up under the tree's towards the cottage.  Next thing I could hear something RUNNING at me through the bushes.  I turned and saw the goat running at me, and I started to run away from him, but not too sure where I was going to run to, I was trapped.  Next thing he came to the end of this tether and stopped.  PHEW I was safe. 

I could hear my husband nearby in the dinghy killing himself laughing.  Yes, I must have looked funny.  Thank you for your support Justin!

Oh well, the photos are cute, and it does conjure up memories of the early days of West Indies Wear.  Here is a cute photo of my daughter and I, taken around the same time.  

She was always with us, we had no baby sitter.  So she was in half of the photos, as she was never a child to sit quietly on the sidelines.  

In these early days I was also doing pure silk scarves, and I was hand beading the edges.  How gorgeous is that ?  I just love the vibrant colors of silk.  Perhaps that is something I should do again... what do you guys think?

One love x

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