I made the cover !!!

I made the cover !!!

Earlier this year, my sister took her family on a vacation to Fiji.  When they were on their way back to Australia, both my sister and her husband separately picked up a copy of the Pacific Island Living magazine deciding "Kim will like that".  They didn't know each other had done that, so it was double nice.... I got 2 copies !

Kim did indeed like that, and even more so when I opened it up and saw an article in there by my friend Fiona Harper, and photos of Fiona wearing my designs.  I have actually never met Fiona, but we became friends through a mutual friend.  

Fiona is a wordsmith.  What's that you say?  According to her website it is one who crafts music from the alphabet.  That she does !  Fiona has worked as a freelance travel writer for 15 years.... and to give you an idea of the scope of her work.  Look at this !

Click here to visit her blog Travel Boating Lifestyle where she has some amazing travel stories and ideas for your upcoming trip.  From hiking with the bears in Canada....

To visiting the amazing villages on the Pacific Island of Samoa.... I love this photo of her with some guys with very cool head dresses & jewelry!  Be sure to read her t-shirt.

I am loving the amazing palm tree drone images she is taking these day, up in the tropical north of Australia.  Just stunning.... click on the image below too watch the video on her facebook page.

So Fiona told me she had this idea to send my story to Pacific Island Living magazine.  Of course, I was excited by this idea, and I proceeded to give her loads of information about how I came to go sailing, how I had actually visited the Pacific Island of Fiji when I was just 7 years old, and that had been a major influence on the rest of my life.  Here is a photo of me holding the ships kitten on my Aunty Jane & Uncle Mick's sailboat in Suva Harbour, Fiji... 1978.

So Fiona wrote an article about me.  Months have now passed but just last week Fiona emailed me a copy of the article.  Click here to download and read the full 4 page article.

Don't you love the stunning photos taken by my amazing photographer Alicia Fox. You can find her on instagram here @Aliciafoxphotography 

Aside for her incredible talent for fashion photography, Alicia is also an amazing travel photo photographer.  This is one of my favorite photos from her website.  Click here to check out her website.... and on snooping her website, I actually discovered that she had written a fun blog post about our 2 day photo shoot we did together.  Click here to check that out.

It was only a few days later though, that I actually saw the cover of the magazine and discovered that Pacific Island Living magazine had used Alicia's photo of my adorable neighbor Lillie, wearing my Island View Tunic on the COVER !!!

This is my first ever COVER.... and I am a little bit EXCITED and a whole lot GRATEFUL.

Feels good to have people want to share my philosophy of island love !

One love x

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