NEW compostable bags.... BUT you won't believe what I did !!

NEW compostable bags.... BUT you won't believe what I did !!

Well you guys know that I like to try to do the right thing.... all that plastic on our garments makes me feel ill, but with the shipments coming from India, and sitting in our warehouse, and then being shipped to you guys, I feel like I have no choice but to protect our island goodies from damage along the way....

Finally with all this talk about plastics, I did some research and discovered with horror, that the "biodegradable" plastics we have used for years.... is not actually that great either.  Did you realize that "biodegradable" just means that it doesn't necessarily "breakdown" it breaks UP into a gazillion tiny pieces.... yes tiny micro-plastics in our landfills, soils, oceans, and waterways.

COMPOSTABLE plastics for our 2020 clothing collection is what I have arranged..... BUT in my haste to get it done, I did something else embarrassingly stupid.  Have a look at the video...

Oh well, what's a tiny little typo hey?  I figure if I complain, and ask that this error be corrected, all that will happen is that a few more thousand bags will end up in landfill so that they can make me new (corrected) ones.  That kinda defeats the purpose, don't you think?


Our friends on social media are letting me off the hook.... here is my favorite comment so far from Jodie : "You're too cute! I'm sure when your customers receive their packages they will be so amazed by the beautiful clothing that they won't notice or care about the tiny misspelling. 😁"

Let's hope so!

One love x


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