Top 6 ways to cover up quickly on your holiday

Top 6 ways to cover up quickly on your holiday

Most of us find the idea of stripping down to our swimsuit and walking across to the resort pool a little bit daunting to say the least.... all those fellow vacationers looking at you!

Do you have some part of your body you would rather keep hidden?

Strolling down to the waters edge from your beach chair to cool off in the crystal clear water needn't be as stressful as you think.  There are ways to cover up simply, look stylish and not overheat.

Here are my top 6 ways to cover up quickly.

Pack some pure cotton sarongs to take away on your beach vacation with you.  

What is a sarong you ask?  It's a simple rectangular piece of fabric that can be wrapped around the body as an instant beach cover up, you can wear it in lots of different ways and if you choose pure cotton you will not overheat even on the hottest of summer days.


The magic of pure cotton is that it is a natural fabric.  It actually grows on a bush, so you can't get much more natural than that.  When you wear cotton fabrics it's like putting your mushrooms into a paper bag, as opposed to a plastic bag.  The paper bag can breath, so the mushrooms don't sweat like they do in a plastic bag.

So our lightweight pure cotton sarongs will provide instant cover-up, but they are cool to wear, and won't make you as hot and sweaty as synthetic sarongs like polyester or viscose.


The number one simplest way to wear a sarong over your swimsuit and instantly cover up after your swim is as a simple skirt.  Simply wrap it around your hips, and tie it on the side.


The second way to wear it to instantly cover up is as this simple halter neck dress.  Center it behind your back, bring the ends around in front, cross it over and then take up behind your neck and tie it in a knot.


If it is SO HOT you would prefer to wear it as a mini skirt... simply fold it in half lengthwise and wrap it around your waist.  Tie it on one side to create a drape, or tuck it in on the waist to keep it flat.


As the day on the beach progresses and you start to feel that your shoulders have had too much sun, you can use your sarong to cover up your shoulders for instant sun protection.


There are loads of different ways to wear your sarongs as a dress.  Be sure to try tying up on one shoulder which looks super cute.



Or you can stick with super simple.... wear it exactly as you would with your towel when you get out of the shower.  Wrap it around your body and tuck it in.


I highly recommend you wearing a sarong while you have your vacation "nana nap".


The nice thing about our pure cotton sarongs, is that if it does get wet on the waters edge while you are swimming, still wrap it around your body and it will dry in about 5 minutes of island breeze time.


Well here you go.... so many different ways you can wear this most versatile beach accessory.  Surely this sarong use must be the funniest of all..... he is my dog crazy sister Amy, using our Turtle sarong as a puppy carrier.

Happy sarong vacation island friends xx


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