Want to come sailing in Australia with me 🌴

Want to come sailing in Australia with me 🌴

Back in September we took our family on a yacht charter to the Whitsunday islands, which is a group of islands just inside the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Now this distance doesn't really look too far on a map of Australia, but you need to remember that even though Australia only has 25 million people (compared to USA's 330 million people) we are almost as big a country (in land size) as you guys.  So that was an 18 hour drive .... ok we flew!

Here is a little perspective on the size of Australia compared with the size of the United States...

Now this was the first time I had been back to the Whitsunday Islands, since my parents took my sister and I sailing as kids.  Here I am playing on the beach swings at Airlie Beach as a kid.... take a look at those islands on the horizon.

Now here is a photo of me in roughly the same spot, 40 years later..... you will see the same islands on the horizon.

WOW what an experience it was to take my own kids there.  This photo below is of my daughter Maya learning to walk on our boat in St.Maarten.  She lived on the boat from the age of 4 months until 7 years.

Maya is now 15.... funny how she was instantly very comfortable back on a boat!

Look at that water we are anchored in - is that not stunning!!!  This is Blue Pearl Bay, on Hayman Island.  Check out this little one minute video of us on the foredeck.... Maya is showing us the Swirl Shell Dress, which is new for 2020.

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