What am I excited about for 2019?

What am I excited about for 2019?

This week I had an island friend email me to say "I can't wait to see the new things for 2019".... how nice is that !

 So I have loaded a video to show a few things that are coming that I LOVE !  One of my favorites is the amazing jute bags which has our TANGO print as a lining.  Click here to watch the video, and see what other little piece of "island adorable" goes with it.


I also show a snippet of the 3 new colors of Starfish Tunics that have just landed back in the warehouse.  YES we are getting ready for your Caribbean WINTER vacations.... so if you can't find cool cotton island clothing in your local swimwear store, be sure to let them know where they can get them for you!

Since you guys are hanging out in my studio with me today, I am showing you what collection of photos are on my pin boards.  Its actually a nice little history of West Indies Wear, over the last 12 years.  What an adventure it has been.... from our boat in the Caribbean, sailing around with a toddler.... Having my husband photograph me in the early collections, with my naked baby standing by.... to being modeled and photographed on Miss Universe contender and winner of Miss Honduras, the gorgeous Miss April Tobie.

I wonder what is next for us..... well where will you guys be wearing your West Indies pure cottons this winter?  I would love to hear from you guys.

Hearing about your adventures in my designs, makes me feel connected to my adventurous youth..... while I am actually here at home in suburban Australia, packing school lunches before 8am and cooking dinner each evening in between driving the kids to dance classes and swimming lessons ... the mundane.... actually "HOW LUCKY AM I?" is one of our family catch phrases!

One Love x

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