Why do sarongs make great Christmas gifts?

Why do sarongs make great Christmas gifts?

If you are trying to do more Christmas shopping online this year than you normally would, then I get you.... in these times of Covid-19 I must say that I only went to the shops very rarely in 2020.  In fact the only time I can think of that I went to the shops quite so rarely, was when I was living on a boat and there were hardly any shops around.

To help support your local beach shops & boutiques, I highly recommend you try to find them online or on Facebook, as a lot of them are setting up websites and selling online. Here is a link to our list of retailers that carry West Indies Wear around the world.


So to help you with your annual Christmas shopping, I suggest you could write a list of all your "island girl" type friends and family members that you would normally buy a Christmas gift for.

 christmas list

Then visit their social media and take a scroll through their summer photos.... what colors did they wear when the sun was shining and they were free from their winter blacks?


The beauty of gifting sarongs is that they are "one-size" so you don't need to worry about what size your friend or family is, and you don't have to worry about offending them if you happened to buy them a size XL when they are really just a size L.  Oh and don't forget, all sizes & ages of women look great in sarongs, and who doesn't love "instant coverup" when you get out of the water, especially if your friend is embarrassed about her size.  How good does this lady look!



Our sarongs are a generous size too, so if your friend is super tall, or XXL, our sarongs are long enough and wide enough to suit everyone.  Each sarong measures 110 x 180cm or 43 x 71".  If your friend is not very tall, they are still versatile, because all she needs to do is fold it over lengthwise and she can wear it at a shorter length.  You will find that part of the packaging of our sarongs is an "instruction manual showing 3 different ways to wear it" also.


 starfish sarong

If you have a friend or family member who could benefit from wearing more pure cotton, this is a great way to introduce her to the benefits of wearing cotton to keep cooler in the hot summer months, or if she suffers from the dreaded hot flashes or simply when she is on her beach vacation.

 on the beach

The nice thing about our sarongs also is that they already come nicely packaged as a gift.... they look adorable....

 sarong packaging

AND they get a bonus bracelet or anklet included, which is made out of lovely sea glass and has one of my exclusively designed silver charms on it.... There are turtles, pineapples, starfish, mermaids, palm trees, seahorse.... now there is no guarantee of which one you will get, but I can guarantee that if your friend or family member is an "island girl" she will most likely love them all.

 sarong charms

If your friend or family member is not really a "natural string, sea glass, silver charm bracelet" wearing type, then my bet is that she might still love this little bonus gift hanging on her bathroom door, or from the rear vision mirror in her car.


If you would like to help your friend further with some more ideas of how to wear or use her sarong, encourage her to JOIN Our Island Family to get her FREE downloadable ebook, with 8 different designer ways to wear it.


Now to assist you further with your Christmas shopping I would like to offer you a buy 5 sarongs get 1 FREE deal..... use the code 6thSarong4Free on checkout, to get your 6th sarong for FREE.  Offer is valid until 15 November 2020 only.

merry christmas


Happy organized island girl Christmas shopper x

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