You can be LAZY & STYLISH

You can be LAZY & STYLISH

What is the definition of lazy? Unwilling to work or use energy....

I love the idea of how we can reframe that.... I am unwilling to work on things that don't make me feel good.... I am unwilling to put energy into those things that don't bring me joy.

Being lazy in our pre-covid world of BUSY BUSY BUSY, was not seen as a good thing, but now after 18 months of lockdowns and adjusting to the new world order, it's now time to stop feeling guilty and embrace a slower pace. You hear that ladies, yes ..... it's time let it GO!

It is in moments of truly relaxing and being lazy where we gather our greatest learnings, that's when we see our creativity spawn. In periods of slowing down, we are able to become present with ourselves rather than the external world. We notice our surroundings and the beautiful environment in which we live.

Now when we think of a lazy day, we think more of clothes that aren’t the dazzle and wow type. Leggings and a baggy t-shirt maybe? Lazy days don't mean however that we can’t look stylish. Of course, it wouldn’t be called ‘fashion’, if there weren’t small challenges that made pulling together the perfect outfit worthwhile. We have some simple combinations to help you, so get comfy .....


First things first, when we’re opting to dress in a relaxed way, we also need to dress to feel good. This can involve not only what we wear but also taking some time for self-care, treating ourselves to a face mask treatment perhaps or a little bit of extra TLC. It might mean a body scrub exfoliation and applying some tinted moisturiser with SPF before we soak up the sun... best yet, some fresh color on your toenails.

To help you get comfy for those special lazy days where you let yourself be, we have put together the Lazy Dayz Collection. These are the top pieces that are designed to be comfortable to relax in around the house or for leisurely beach walks. Let's step into some relaxed holiday vibes.


If you are ready for some down-time this Fall, let us help you to bridge the gap between relaxation and sophistication.

You have compromised on your comfort for long enough, you can look cute and be comfortable.... and we feel an abundance of joy in providing clothing that has been carefully crafted in breathable fabrics, and awesome "designer quality" that will last for seasons to come.

Our garments are easy to wash and wear. Cold machine wash, island breeze dry.... that is what is written on our care labels and it means you should not put them in the dryer. Hang them on a hanger to air dry, and they will last even longer. A lot of them never need ironing so its quick to slip into Lazy Dayz mode.


Here’s to chilling out this season, daydreaming, star gazing while also looking and feeling our best.

One love and welcome to our island family.

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