Top 6 Gift Ideas for Island Girls - RETAILERS EXCLUSIVE

Top 6 Gift Ideas for Island Girls

Here we go again with the stress of the mammoth Christmas List.  🎄

You know your customers want you to make it easy for them, so if you have that table or a whole display unit with Christmas gift ideas around that "$30 - $50 mark" you are bound to have a good start to the season.

Think about making it easy for them to check things off their list.✅ ✅

Think about items that are easy to re-order and replenish as they sell through too.  Our pure cotton sarongs are a great start in the "beach-lover holiday gift" category.
Here is my list of Top 6 Gift ideas for Island Girls.


Our number one suggested gift for your beach girl is one of our pure cotton sarongs.  They don't need to worry about what size they wear, as these sarongs are a generous one-size-fits-all, and the come adorably packaged for gift giving, with a bonus seaglass bracelet/anklet.  Best part of all is that they double as a scarf for the winter months, keeping your neck surprisingly warm, and adding that touch of island color to your winter wardrobe.   For only $25 this is a great gift price point for your customers.... available all year round, we can easily replenish you QUICKLY as they sell through. $10AUD wholesale


The number 2 best gift for an island girl who is land-locked for the whole winter season, is our deluxe jute bag.  This natural fabric is super strong and durable and the bag is bigger than your average beach bag making it handy for other everyday uses.... not just beach days.
The bag is lined with the same cotton as our sarongs, so its a great item to match back to the sarongs too.... here is an opportunity to upsell your customer with the whole package gift.
The jute bags are $30 AUD wholesale and sold for $70 retail.


These foldable cotton beach bags are a great beach girl gift because they take up small space, and are easy to post.  They have sturdy leather handles so are great for shopping in the winter months and they have a small coin purse attached.... SO handy for ensuring your keys or phone are not lost in the bottom of the bag, and once island travel resumes, its the perfect spot for safe keeping of their room key.
Best part of these bags is that you can get one of our fine cotton sarongs to match.... yes another upsell opportunity for your sales team.
These bags are $14 AUD wholesale for $30 retail.


Now make sure you also have inexpensive items in your gift category for the stocking stuffers gift..... our adorable little cosmetic purses are perfect.  At only $8 AUD wholesale for $20 retail they are a great price point, and gives their budget some room to add some sunscreen, lip balm, and cute island beaded bracelets.  (yes more upsell opportunities there)  
There are pineapples, coral, starfish and turtles to choose from, and you can find the sarongs and cotton beach bags to match.


Now if your customer is anything like me, they like to feel special on Christmas Day and have something NEW to wear.  I have been known to buy myself something new and special, and then wrap it up, put it under the tree with the card attached that says
“Dear Kim, Merry Christmas, Love Kim P.S. you deserve it.”  
Make sure you have something Tropical and Christmassy to fill that groove.  I think I will choose our Mahalo Tunic in RED this Christmas, or maybe the Mahalo Pants.


For another well priced but classy idea to sell as stocking stuffers, you cannot go by the pure cotton head bands and scrunchies in all the wonderful bright colors of the islands.  
A great gift for the younger island girls in your world, this pure cotton hair scrunchie is a basic elasticated hair tie, featuring all the prints and colors of our island collection.  
Of course, being pure cotton they wont cause damage to fine hair either.  At only  $3 AUD wholesale for scrunchies (marked to sell at $6 retail), and $4 AUD wholesale for simply can't go wrong. 



And finally, if your customer is unsure what their island girl might love, be sure to offer gift cards, and preferably be able to give them something that looks classy and true to your boutique brand.